Small Business Champions: HUSTLE WS w/ Matt Williams

This episode, we continue the mini-series called Small Business Champions. We want to continue sharing some organizations that really help the community and has been instrumental in guiding OpinShop along with me during this journey. This week, we have the Co-Founder and a board member of HUSTLE WS, Matt Williams, to share what the mission of HUSTLE is and how they overcame their underdog story and made a BIG SPLASH in the WS community with just a "little HUSTLE". Matt also goes a little deeper to show how HUSTLE WS helps grow the local economy by accelerating UNDERREPRESENTED entrepreneurs, with a focus on women, people of color, and marginalized business districts. Listen so you can get that PUSH you need to Opin Up Shop. Hope you enjoy! If you do be sure to comment and subscribe! FB IG @EAtheExec @OpinShopUS @hustle_ws @mrdiplomattic Twitter 
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