Picking Your Business Model

On this episode, we have Rashad Little to discuss "Picking Your Business Model". We look at this through the lens of Rashad fine-tuning the model for Candid Yams Kickback. He takes tells us how he established his market base. He shares how he found an opportunity and pivoted on-the-fly in order to find a lucrative solution for him while creating more value for his customer. Finally, we discuss the importance of hitting the pavement, while not ideal, is a great tactic to use. Listen so you can get that PUSH you need to Opin Up Shop. Hope you enjoy! If you do be sure to comment and subscribe! FB https://m.facebook.com/EatheExec https://www.facebook.com/CandidYams/ IG @EAtheExec @Cndidgram @OpinShopUS Twitter @EAtheExec @candidyamskb @OpinShopUS Tom Browne-Jamaica Funk: https://youtu.be/_uZCoyMn-kM

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