Embracing the Pivot: Introducing the Opin Media Lab

On this episode, I wanted to give you an update on what's going on and to formally introduce you to the Opin Media Lab. That's right you heard right, We are opening a Digital Content Studio where you can record Podcasts and Vlogs alike, along with using the space for portraits or headshots. Listen to this episode where I take you through my mindset before, during and after the idea to the execution of the plan. I then explain where this falls into the bigger plan. Simply put, today's objective: Embrace the Pivot! Listen so you can get that PUSH you need to Opin Up Shop. Hope you enjoy! If you do be sure to comment and subscribe! FB https://m.facebook.com/EatheExec https://facebook.com/opinmedialab IG  @EAtheExec  @OpinShopUS @opinmedialab Twitter 
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