Balancing Life and Business

On this episode, we have Lillie Ennis to discuss "Balancing Life and Business". We look at this through the lens of her balancing being the "Most serial entrepreneur, of those who have serial" (my words, not hers). She takes through how she has balanced through her business, being a mother, and most importantly, being a human. We discuss the importance of keeping a balance and we get a ton of practical advice in how we can make this happen. Listen so you can get that PUSH you need to Opin Up Shop. Hope you enjoy! If you do be sure to comment and subscribe! FB FB: Lillie Ennis IG @EAtheExec @Firstladylillie @thelillieennisgroup @OpinShopUS Twitter @EAtheExec @Firstladylillie @OpinShopUS Get Lillie's new book: The 10 Glam Commandments: Learn how to 𝐆row, 𝐋everage, 𝐀ccelerate and 𝐌aster Being a Woman! It is out for pre-orders NOW

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